Tuesday, January 27, 2015

blizzard envy

I heard some folks mention that they had what I would term blizzard envy. Yep. They wish that what the northeast is experiencing would magically appear in the mid-south. Oh for Mother Nature to create a winter wonderland, enforce a slowdown, enable us all to stay home for a bit and hunker down for several days.

Sounds okay, maybe. I don't really get blizzard envy. I guess growing up and experiencing two major blizzards where and entire city was shut down for a week cured me of that desire. Snowdays, yes, I do enjoy one every now and then. And for our area, just the hint of more than flakes in the air sends folks to the store to empty the shelves.

We usually get a snow day in February. Or at least, that is what has happened for the last several years.

So, let's go out and enjoy this 55 degree day and let the northeast have their blizzard. I'd rather take a walk in the sunshine on my lunch break than be trapped at home for days on end!

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Lisa Shafer said...

We had a snow day here in Salt Lake once. We got three feet of snow in 36 hours, 18 inches of which fell between midnight and 6:00 AM on a Monday. Since the plows could not clear the roads by 6:00 when the busses had to leave, there was no choice but to declare a snow day. This was in 1997, I believe. Since we've never had a storm quite that hefty since, we've had no more snowdays. A mere foot or two will not do the trick here in Utah. :)
However, I've never seen a real blizzard, as the mountains break the worst of what can happen in flatter areas.
And, yes, Salt Lake had 57 degrees, sunshine, and a light wind today. :)