Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Saw a clever post the other day from a young lady who babysat my three once upon a time. She is an avid yoga devotee and I guess is being squeezed at the studio by all of the new year resolution types. She was hoping, for her sake, that their resolve has wavered and she can have room to do her sun salutations in comfort.

Closer to home, in a way, was the middle daughter's post that she had taken a trip to Westminster "abbae"......a clever play on words of the whole "bae" phenomena and her first name. Hope she took time to stand on Mr. Dicken's grave and wander around The Poet's Corner a bit.

I'm not feeling very clever, but I am determined to go for a stroll this morning. Need to get my sluggish blood moving and the lungs cleaned out and refilled with some fresh air. Wake up the gray matter.

Off into Wednesday I go....and as a bonus, I get to visit the salon for a haircut today!

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