Monday, January 12, 2015

not a word

I didn't even open my Nook case this weekend. We were too busy to read. Between household chores, a football party, and an NBA basketball game, the fam was out and about.

Today brings rain. What is it with Mondays and rain of late. UGH. It rained so hard last night it woke me up. UGH.

No walking this morning for me and Duke. Too gross outside. I hope it passes through before it is time to leave work today. I wanted to stop by Aldi and get some groceries this afternoon. I hate grocery shopping in the rain. Wet cardboard is nasty.

On the bright side, we actually talked with the Londoner yesterday!!!! I was so excited to hear her voice and to learn of what she is doing. Very, very cool.

Sounds like the team there is keeping them busy, getting them acquainted with the city, and they are off to a great start for their semester. She texted yesterday to ask for input on where to travel to for her 7 and 10 day breaks.

Glad at this moment that she wasn't interested in Paris.

Okay, off into the week I go! Monday, get ready. I'm recharged and ready for battle.

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