Thursday, January 15, 2015


When we first moved to our town, one of the first folks we met was Jimmy L. Hubby met him through the Leadership class and then I met him when I participated in that group. We both thought, wow, he really is welcoming to newcomers. He really knows how to represent the town. So nice! We learned over the course of 12 years that he really was just that nice, it seemed, all the time. Always with a smile, a warm greeting, a twinkle in his eye, a kind word, a big laugh.

Our town lost a wonderful servant when he died this week. He'd been ill for a while, but it is never easy to say goodbye.

We went to the visitation last night. The line to sign the book was 50 deep. The line to greet the family wound around the church. We were there for over an hour and saw so many other friends from the boards and volunteer groups we've served on through the years.

Not sure if a big turnout for a visitation and funeral is a comfort to a family or not, but it clearly shows that this man's life touched a lot of people. A lot of people.

Rest in peace, Jimmy and thanks for welcoming these two northerners and for never making us feel like we didn't belong!

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