Thursday, January 29, 2015

it is January, right?

I just checked. Yep. It is 50 outside.

My daffodils are out of the ground and ready to work on blooming. This is nuts. No wonder my eyes are itchy, my nose is stuffy, my head aches.

No rest from allergy season this year. But, I'm going to just take an allergy pill and keep on going. The tummy bug, and I'm convinced that is what it was, has left the building. I started feeling better yesterday afternoon and was able to eat a full dinner without feeling queasy.

Thursday!!! Ready for the weekend. The boys will be off to a tournament, so Duke and I will have a quiet Saturday. Looking forward to it.

Maybe I can finish the book I'm reading, or at least skim it until the end. Note to self: even if a Dan Brown book is free, don't download it. I'm slogging through "Inferno." Ugh. Hate to quit books when I'm half way finished, but I've been tempted.

Off I go!

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