Monday, November 3, 2014

weekend recap

It was so nice to leave work at 11:30, come home, get the girly, have a light lunch, and take her shopping. Perfect Friday afternoon. We then came home, relaxed, did some reading, watched a bit of TV and enjoyed the evening. Saturday and Sunday were more of the same. Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. She went back to school yesterday after we had a big lunch. Safe and sound back in T-town.

The weather has turned cold. We had our first frost overnight for Sunday morning. This morning for our walk I will need my parka. It is 40. Brrr. And gloves!! Brrr.

I think we are going to move the treadmill from the garage to the bonus room so when it is really cold and icy I can still put my 20 minutes in.

In reading news, I finished Prince Lestat! Oh, Anne, so wonderful to have that cast of characters back on the pages of a new novel. How your readers have missed them. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The plot. The new characters. The old characters. The lush writing. Delicious.

Off into the new week we go. A week from today my folks will be here. We are looking foward to their visit!


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