Wednesday, November 26, 2014

lunch date

Had a lunch date with my boss and the executive director yesterday. We went to one of our fave places and enjoyed a nice meal, some good conversation, and came back to the office for a rather lazy afternoon.

While I have to go in and clock some time today, I don't have anything major to do. We are caught up. The magazine is at the printer. I made the digital edition yesterday and it is online. The selected articles are on the website and are ready for viewing.

The GIRLS arrived home yesterday. YEAH! They both look great. The energy level in the house is now off the charts....well it was last night. They are both snoozing and may still be snoozing when I arrive home late this morning.

We are ready to start cooking and baking. Turkey Day is tomorrow. WOW.

So, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the day!

See you in December.

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