Monday, November 17, 2014

over it

Okay, It isn't even December yet and I'm officially over this sh!tty weather we've been having. UGH. It is sleeting, icy, windy, arctic nasty outside. No walking for us today. It is just ugly. No redeeming prettiness of an actual snowfall, just icy ick.


On to other news....I downloaded Scott Westerfeld's latest YA book from the library's website yesterday. Wish I could stay home on the couch with my quilt and a pot of hot cocoa and just read the day away.

But, instead I will bundle up and head into work to finish the December issue of the magazine. I have a list for the designer of things that need to be fixed, like making our feature story look like a feature story.

Yes, it is Monday. I'm whining. Can't be helped. Not today.

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