Tuesday, November 4, 2014

election day

And so it is here. Another election day. Another day for low voter turnout across the country. In our fair town, I'm not sure if the candidate I've assisted will win today or not. I think it will be a close race given the fact that only 7,000 voted early. We are a town of over 40,000. Pretty darn sad. The truth is, most folks are not engaged, informed, or interested enough to learn about local politics let alone national or state politics beyond the sound bites they are fed on the TV.

For most, I guess they feel that their vote does not matter. Even in a local election where the town governing body has direct impact on the quality of life they and their families enjoy.

The four voters in my house have already participated through early voting. So, today is a day to drive past polling places, toot the horn, and wish the candidates well.

Not just another Tuesday.

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