Thursday, November 13, 2014

ugh part II

UGH. Didn't oversleep. Got ready to walk. Opened the door, Arctic blast complete with icy rain and gusty winds.

Not walking today!!!!!

On the bright side, we had a great visit with my folks. Thanks for coming to see us, Mom and Dad.

On another positive note, the Boy ROCKED the ACT and beat his sisters' scores. Wowsa.
The middle girl had a great skype interview with the BHA and thinks she will get an offer. The hiring attorney is a Kappa from Georgia who is working in London on this association's efforts to lower the VAT. Kappa women are taking over the world it seems!
The older girl went shopping......yes, that is a thing to applaud as she hates shopping and she bought a skirt. WHAT?! Where is my daughter? What did you do with her?

So, all is well, other than the crappy weather.

Off to kick and stretch in the living room. After all, I'm almost 50. lolz

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