Wednesday, October 2, 2013

too early

I had a restless night of sleep and am awake much too early today. Yuck. My coworker is off to New Orleans this morning for her first ever English conference. She is presenting a paper tomorrow and was quite nervous about the whole thing. She's going to be just fine! First train ride for her too; what a fun adventure. I'm sure she will come back with stories to tell.

We are wrapping up our national meeting chores. I worked on all of the power point shows yesterday and have three more to finish as well as the scripts that go along with them. It can be infuriating work.

I think the signs and banners are done now and the final program has been sent off to the printers.

We are all getting to the point where we wish it was November 1 and all of this would be behind us.

Glad it is Wednesday!

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