Monday, October 21, 2013


We had such a good visit with the middle kid. It was awesome to have her home and to be able to spoil her a bit with some nice meals, a bit of shopping, plus lots of laughs and lots of talks. It was wonderful.

Now it is time for me to get ready to head to Baltimore. All the last minute things we need to do before leaving are on the agenda for the next few days. Then off we go. I finally found a sweater to match the pants I bought for this trip. My work wardrobe is pretty limited and it was well past time to add some new things to it.

The ceiling project is still ongoing. Ugh. My house is pretty gross right now with all the dust and drywall bits.

Cooler temps have moved in and I caved and turned on the furnace yesterday. It was 60 in the house. That is a bit chilly.

Off we go for our walk. Nice to have the chill when we get going.  Enjoy Monday.

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