Monday, October 14, 2013

construction zone

Two weeks ago my hubby put his foot through our great room ceiling. Long story on that one, but who knew dusting a ceiling fan would end up meaning weeks of living in a construction zone.

It is a good thing he knows how to do stuff like fixing drywall and such. The acoustic popcorn finish that is in every house in our subdivision is now off of my great room ceiling. The process has begun to finish that ceiling with a smooth surface.

And the dominoes will start to fall. Great Room. Foyer. Dining Room. Kitchen. It is all going to happen because I dusted the ceiling fan and he changed a furnace filter.

In other news, I finished "The Heist" by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. Hilarious as usual. Great dialogue, funny characters, and a cute story.

Exciting week ahead for us as the middle kid comes home for Fall Break! Can't wait to have her back in the nest, if only for a few days.

Good Week ahead. Enjoy!


Lisa Shafer said...

I've never heard the term "great room" before, but I certainly know what a popcorn ceiling is! (Ours had glitter on it. I thought it was so cool when I was a child.)

Liz said...

We don't have a formal living room, just one big 'great' room that serves as a family room and a living room...ours has a vaulted ceiling and a fireplace at one end.