Tuesday, October 15, 2013

and the rain moves in

Rainy days ahead, which is just fine, except I don't want the middle kid and her friends to have to drive home in nasty weather tomorrow.

I'm debating on taking some time off on Friday. It would be fun to have an afternoon with the girl. And if I get home by 12ish, she might be awake by then!

The older girl is arriving for her fall break the same day I get home from the convention. So, no need to take time off as I get a day off after coming home to 'recover.'

The ceiling in the great room is coming along. Hubby pulled the sound system speakers and filled those holes. He also fixed the stains on the sheetrock and made sure nothing weird was going on with all of that up in the attic. So, later this week, after things dry really well, the next steps will begin! I may have a room we can sit in sometime next week!

Happy Tuesday. Stay dry, my friends!

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