Tuesday, October 1, 2013

my flashlight

We live in a typical neighborhood/subdivision. But, our neighborhood backs up to a heavily wooded area that eventually leads to a river that feeds Old Man River. So, it is not unusual to see deer and other critters in the woods or on our walks.

One of our street lights is out and has been out for a few weeks. It is in a curve of the road and is quite dark in that area at 5:30 a.m. For the past two weeks I have been startled twice by a critter. The first critter was an armadillo. I was close enough to the next street light that I could actually see what it was. Both Duke and I jumped, the dillo jumped, and then scampered off. Talk about getting your blood moving!

Last week, I'm not sure what critter was hanging out by the mailbox down the way as it was much too dark to see. It could have been a cat, a coon, a dillo, who knows! Duke whined and pranced and I started walking faster as whatever it was scurried away across the street. Thank goodness our dog is well mannered and he didn't try and take off after whatever it was. He stayed by my side and was on high alert for the rest of the walk.

So, hubby decided that we needed a flashlight. I have a nice pink one now and am hoping that none of us have any more early morning walk surprises.

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