Tuesday, November 17, 2009

taking notes

As much as I've learned to use the computer, I still enjoy using a notebook for certain things. I need to go through two different websites today and make notes about things that need to be updated. A notebook comes in handy for that even though I could open up a word doc and flip back and forth between the two screens. I'd rather write down on paper the changes and then type them into a word document. Yes, it is an extra step, but the slower process helps me think through exactly what I am doing and trying to say.

I remember reading an author comment on how it was too easy to delete his work now that he was writing on a computer instead of typing on a typewriter or handwriting his fiction in notebooks. He feared that some good stuff was being lost to spur of the moment decisions to hit the delete key.

The middle of the day is going to be occupied by an expensive but necessary purchase and installation of new tires for my Honda. My beloved mini van is now three years old and has close to 40K miles on it, so some new 'shoes' are in order before we do our holiday traveling.

I will be taking the Dresden Files book I am reading with hopes of finishing it sometime today as I have another book waiting in the wings. The neighbor has loaned me the latest Dan Brown book to read, and I need to finish that one before her inlaws arrive on Friday. Her mother in law is a big reader and will want to have a chance to enjoy the book during their visit.

Happy Tuesday.

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