Friday, November 20, 2009

ready, set, friday

Stopped in Target yesterday to pick up one of the youngest's Christmas gifts. Going to take the plunge into technology and get the kid the cheap iPod. Darn, the thing is as small as a thumb drive for a computer. Tiny. Wish it had a book size carrying case with a transmitter to notify me on my cell phone of its location. I fear, already, that it will be lost in the hurricane that is his room, within a few days of it being unwrapped.

I'm slowly making progress and checking off items on the Christmas list. I'd love for this Christmas to be one of those where the boxes are big, plentiful and piled knee deep and half way across the room. Not going to happen. The older they get, the smaller the gifts become! Not to mention they get increasingly more expensive.

I do need to make a Costco run to pick up the middle kids contacts and drop off her glasses for new lenses. Will get a few more gifts while I am there for the Wii and perhaps a leather purse for one of the girls. Good prices and I have coupons!

Finished the Dan Brown book. Now I can say I've read it and we can move on from there. All the talk right now is about the New Moon movie. The oldest is threatening to clock anyone who swoons over it as they go on and on and on about the storyline. The middle one just wants to see the actor playing the werewolf, sans shirt, of course. We all agree the actors from Vampire Diaries are WAY better looking and as one said in a clip last night...."I'm glad I don't get old, I like being the eternal stud." We all laughed and said, yep, got that right buddy!

So, with that, we are ready for the weekend.

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