Monday, November 30, 2009


Home is the best place. Yep. So glad we made our trip up north and back without any problems. Traffic wasn't bad due to some excellent timing by our driver....we even made it through Chicago in short order as no one was on the road at 6:00 on a Sunday morning. We got home early enough so that the laundry is done, we were able to have dinner together, the kids finished their homework and we watched a movie. So glad to be home.

The highlight of the visit for me was seeing my buddy, Cindy. We have been friends for getting close to 30 years now. How freaking scary is that?! And the neat thing is our kids are friends...they may not see each other for two years, but when they get together, they just click into place and act like they just saw each other the day before. I know it makes us both so happy to see them having fun.

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we start looking forward to Christmas. The tree will be hauled out of the attic today and the Rubbermaid bins full of holiday decor will make their appearance as well. I'm a bit afraid to open them as every year some ornaments have to be junked as the glue is brittle and broken, the fabric is dried out and fraying or something has been broken into pieces in some other way. I haven't peaked in those boxes let alone unpacked them for the past two Christmases because we weren't home.

Even though we were in Europe last year, I think everyone will be glad to wake up in their own bed on Christmas morning this year. The day after will see us hitting the road to make the trip to Florida and hopefully some sunny weather, nice beach time and a good visit with my folks and my sister in law and the nieces and nephew.

It is hard to believe that the year is winding down. And we have such busy days ahead. The kids have already requested Christmas cookies! I better get myself organized, take a good look at the calendar and decide how best to get it all done.

I love being home for the holidays!!

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Anne's BLOG said...

Glad you had a good trip, and glad you're back home again. Your decorating/preparation progress sounds exciting.