Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer reading

In between me nagging my daughters to read their assigned books for their honors English classes, I have managed to do a lot of reading this summer. I've almost completed the Flower Shop Mystery series and cracked open the latest title to be published, "Evil in Carnations" yesterday. I think I will move on to the Cleo Coyle Coffeeshop series when I get a chance. I'm also eagerly awaiting the new Janet Evanovich book, "Finger Lickin' Fifteen." I think some bookstore buddies and I have come up with a plan to allow several of us to read the book on only one 'check-out.' Evil laughter should ensue now........I love a good plan!

The bookstore is thriving this summer. We joined forces with the Young Adult department and are the source of their summer reading prizes. We've given away almost 100 books to YA readers. They read for ten hours and they get a coupon for a free book. The ironic thing is most of the books they can choose from were discards from the library's YA section.

Beyond the freebies, sales are UP. Yeah. I was a tad bit concerned when our weekly totals dropped during April and May. We've rebounded and are back to our old sales numbers. Good thing for all concerned. Folks are reading and we are making money.

The head children's librarian told me yesterday they signed up 1400 kids so far for the reading programs, children's and YA. That is a good number, but I can't remember if it is equal to what they've done in the past. Will have to investigate further next time I see her and she isn't swamped with wee ones looking for just that one certain book.

Today we are off to the high school to sell snack foods to the summer school students and raise money for the soccer boosters. Then the girls and I may see a movie, I'm thinking Sandy Bullock's new one, "The Proposal." Looks cute and most definitely a chick flick.

Our water leak was a minor fix and was resolved in less than an hour yesterday afternoon. The Town responded nicely and the plumber arrived on time and quickly had the problem corrected. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don't have any other 'joy of home ownership issues to resolve over the next several months.


Anne's BLOG said...

I hope there's room to add me to the list for "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" on the one checkout.

Liz said...

I will tell Catherine that you needed to be included in the 'evil' plan!