Monday, June 22, 2009


The clear calendar I've been enjoying ends today. We have a variety of events this week. The youngest is attending Camp Invention. He will attend this science/exploration camp all day long all week. The oldest has an orthodontist appointment, just a check-up, as well as snack selling duties at the highschool for the soccer booster club, which I get to help with as well. We also have our regularly scheduled library and bookstore events.

Then to top all that off.....we noticed a small puddle of standing water in the easement area of the front yard right over the water meter. Yep. So, I went online and filled out the new Mayor's Action Center form to report a leak to our Town water department. Going to be interesting to see how quickly they respond. Going to be more interesting to see who gets to pay to fix this obvious problem. My guess is my checkbook/savings account is going to be lighter in a few short days.

Ahhh, the joys of home ownership.

In the realm of reading, I've set aside the Kate Collin's Flower Shop Mysteries and am taking a delightful detour into our early American past with Kate Howe's debut novel, "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane." I'm bewitched:) Howe, a descendant of not one, but two, Salem "witches" has crafted a book that moves in time between 1991 and the 1680's. Harvard grad student Connie Goodwin has to write her PhD dissertation when she discovers Deliverance and begins to piece together a new way to view the Salem witch phenomena.

Great stuff! The writing is layered and complex, the imagery is lush and the characters are well drawn. Will have to savor this one while reading it at a steady pace.

Happy Monday!

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