Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it never fails

After the youngest finishes his swimming lesson this morning, we need to head over to our local Costco for a few items. A few items at Costco always ends up costing me close to $200, if I'm lucky and don't fall prey to some amazing 'deal' or temptation. I usually try and make a list to keep me within my budget, but even with a list, I always forget to pick up something needed for the house.

It never fails.

I watered my backyard flower beds this morning as rain has been scarce. Our extended forecast shows a chance of rain over the weekend, which might put a damper on a holiday plans for some folks, but we really need the water Mother Nature provides. On a positive note, all of my veggie plants are thriving and are either bearing produce or have some really awesome 'flowers' that indicate produce to come in the near future!

Yesterday while the oldest was at conditioning, I sat out at the field under a tree, enjoyed a nice breeze and began to read the third Inheritance Cycle book by Christopher Paolini, "Brisinger"....so far I'm not enjoying the book and slogged through the first 50 pages. Ugh. I hate when a book is slow to begin and if this one doesn't get better quick, I may set it aside. I rarely do that, but when a book is this size (748 pages), the temptation to cut bait is tempting.

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