Friday, June 12, 2009

getting ready to depart

We are headed for points east over the weekend. The family is excited to make the trek to see my folks and spend some time with them. Then on our way home we will be stopping so the hubby can make a job site visit and do a punch list....yep. Keep a good thought that the weather is nice later next week and I'm not cooped up in a hotel room with three kids, no car and a rainy day while he is working. That would be very bad, very bad indeed.

Yesterday during our donation sorting time I found two books by Kate Collins. Her "Flowershop Mysteries" have adorable titles, cute covers and look to be quick reads. I absconded with those two and then went into the library and checked out every other Flowershop title they had on the shelf. I stacked them into a pretty pastel tower on my nightstand.

The bookstore is thriving now that summer is upon us. After a very wet and slow spring, sales have picked up, the inventory is moving and donations are pouring into the store.

The library was busy yesterday. It is always nice to see kids walking out with books. The whole building has a different vibe during June and July. The tense-under the deadline- feel of the school months dissipates and is replaced by the ooohhh-this will be fun to read-smiling faces atmosphere.

We've one more swimming lesson, two more keeper sessions and one more VBS class before our mini vacation begins. Guess I better think about packing food and snacks as well as cleaning the house.

Enjoy the weekend and next week as well.


Elizabeth said...

Have a great time!!!

Anne's BLOG said...

Hope the weather and everything cooperates to make a good trip for you all. Take your laptop so you can keep in touch !???

Kim Smith said...

Hope you have a blast! I am working on a new book :) I think you will like. Editor Extraordinaire has received the short story I told you about... eek!!