Thursday, June 11, 2009

basic updates

Two of my writing buddies have books coming out this go girls! Gives me great hope that when I can finally sit down, open up that long neglected file, and apply some effort that I may to have a shot at seeing my name in 'lights.'

The middle kid made the soccer team she tried out for...yeah!

The oldest kid is taking her tryout results well and actually quite a bit of drama is swirling around that whole situation. She's glad to be out of the mix in many ways.

I have finished my to be read pile and need to see about finding a few books to take with us as we head east for a visit to my folks.

Swimming lessons, VBS and GK camp are all going well and I've truly enjoyed the afternoons off and discovered that yes, I do enjoy cooking dinner when I don't have to juggle four other things along with the grill and the stove.

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

Your turn will come, you are an amazing mother and have created a wonderful family,,, priorities,,, I look forward to your name in print, it will come before we know it. You are a gifted writer!