Friday, June 19, 2009

home again

We arrived back home yesterday after our trip east for a family and work visit. I packed three books to read while we were away and am happy to report that I finished the third one yesterday.

I love when I find a new series to enjoy. Kate Collins' "Flower Shop Mysteries" are easy, light and fun reads. Abby Knight is a law school flunk-out who buys a flower shop in New Chapel, IN with what is left of a trust fund. She is also an amateur sleuth who seems to attract 'murders' like flowers attract bees. The books are full of interesting characters, a solid mystery and plenty of humor. I started book five in this series yesterday and am looking forward to plenty of Abby Knight adventures over the weekend.

Happy Friday:)


Anne's BLOG said...

That series sounds like 'my kind' of reading. May I borrow yours?

Elizabeth said...

welcome home! thanks for the heads up on the series :)