Tuesday, June 2, 2009

just us girls

I've had a wonderful time hanging out with the two daughters over the last three days and although we miss hubby/dad and son/brother, it was a nice break and a great chance to do some 'girly' stuff.

It seems every summer offers an opportunity for some one on one time with the kids. Last summer while the oldest was in Ohio for a soccer showcase, the middle kid and I stayed home and hubby and the youngest made the trek to Ohio to watch the games. It was a wonderful week and we ALL had fun.

I enjoy my kids, especially in the summer when the pace is a bit slower, the commitments are fewer and everyone is more relaxed.

Today we are waiting for our intrepid campers to come home from Hardy, Arkansas and Camp Kia Kima. I'm sure the evening, after club soccer tryouts, will be filled with the sharing of stories and pictures.


Kim Smith said...

I am getting alone time with my kid too. Not much fun though, sigh. She is pretty dang pitiful.

Elizabeth said...

sounds like fun!!!