Wednesday, March 2, 2016

too early and a happy ending

Restless night. Early morning. UGH.

Had a bit of excitement/terror for the Ville as a 6 year old girl was reported missing yesterday. They had helicopters out, search dogs out, several police departments/local agencies, to scour the woods where she was last seen playing in a rain puddle. Social media exploded with her picture and details about her. Thank goodness she was found by 9:00 at a friend's house. Those people didn't know she was "missing." The police had been going door to door and at some point, all the pieces fell in place and she was located.

While the outcome was a good one, and where she had been the whole time was in a safe place, I'm very thankful that our government agencies took the report of this missing child seriously and mobilized everything available to find her.

It got very cold here last night and all I could think about was the little boy who wandered away over in the Nashville area and was found dead in a field two days later. I think that little boy must have been on everyone's mind as they searched for this little girl.

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