Tuesday, March 1, 2016

making progress

I started cleaning the flower beds on Sunday. I worked on two more yesterday after I got home from work. I am making progress, but have some decisions to make. The two big beds that run across the front of the house are left to tackle. I have several varieties of perennials in those beds and while they are doing quite well, I don't have the time to keep the beds in good shape. I'm thinking about moving a few of the plants and killing the rest. Ugh.

I think a more groomed bed instead of the wild look it has when everything is in bloom, might be easier. Wild is never truly wild. It does require work as things grow and spread.

Today is going to be a rainy possibly stormy day. I have time to think on this and decide the best course of action.

Happy Super Tuesday. I voted in early voting. The weather the South will receive will impact turnout. Should be interesting to see just how much.

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