Thursday, March 3, 2016

rainy thursday

My efforts to finish the flower beds have been dashed, or perhaps soaked would be a better word. We had a very rainy day Tuesday and I woke this morning to another downpour. The yard will be like a sponge and the flower beds full of muck. Maybe Saturday I can try to wrap up this project.

In other news, the middle daughter has accepted a wonderfully paid internship with a large accounting firm located in Knoxville. AND, they are giving her a $1,000 signing bonus. WHAT?! Yep. So happy for her. Her hard work and planning all paid off. She will have the month of May to travel for the Big 4 Leadership Conferences, will work all of June and July, and then have a few weeks off to relax and get ready for her senior year.

And that is the good news for the week.
Happy Thursday!

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