Monday, March 7, 2016


The beloved Masterpiece series, Downton Abbey, came to an end last night. The series lasted for 6 glorious years on PBS and made Sunday evenings something to look forward to for so many. The beautiful costumes, the wonderful acting, the amazing writing (zippy lines delivered with style and skill) all worked together to create a love affair between viewer and show.

While we were in London, one of the tours we looked at taking was a trip up to Highclere where Downton was filmed when it was on location. We opted not to go, but next time, we will make a plan to see it.

I will miss all of the Downton folks, upstairs and downstairs. The finale provided happy endings for everyone and new babies born and to come. It was storybook happy. I'm sure people will wring their hands over the unrealistic nature and sheer goodness of the conclusion, but I loved it.

So, farewell Downton. Thank you.

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