Tuesday, April 14, 2015

fun night

Had such a fun evening last night. The ladies were all in rare form and we laughed a lot. So good to see the one who moved away. Pretty soon my real buddy in the group will be moving as well. Once her hubby retires, they are off to Savannah.

Another place to visit!!

We are having rainy season now that spring is truly here. Sort of nice to fall asleep to the sound of raindrops. The only negative is the paw wiping that must be done as Duke comes and goes.

Tuesday! One week and one day until the girl is home. I asked her if she had any final trips planned and she still wants to make it to Stonehenge and maybe Bath or Brighton. She has her last day at work on Friday.

Can't get over how quickly the semester went. Seems like we just put her on that plane to London.

Enjoy the day.

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