Thursday, April 2, 2015

day 8

Our final full day in London started with an eclipse. Not that you could see it as it was overcast, but an eclipse did happen. I think it got a bit darker, but that was about it. We planned on tackling the V&A and do some shopping, so we set out in that direction.

I adore the V&A. It is by far my fave museum. I'm not sure why, but I just have an attachment to the place. Last time I was in London, I spent a day by myself in there, had lunch, and took my time. We didn't have a full day to spend, but we did stroll through for the whole morning, had a wonderful meal, and then went on our way. For me, spending time in the V&A is a must if you are in London. I love the casts, but didn't get to see Henry and Eleanor's effigy casts as they are working on that room. Darn, guess I need to go back to see my fave queen's face one more time! David was there in all his glory though as was the amazing boar and bear hunt tapestry, the fairy cup, and Thomas Beckett's reliquary.  We missed the wedding dress special exhibit by days, but the Alexander McQueen exhibit had just opened and they were queued up for yards to see it.

When we left we went down the road to Harrods. Not much more to say about that. The food court is mind blowing. The watch section had my hubby drooling. The window scenes outside were all about Cinderella and the glass slippers on display from a host of shoe designers had my young 20ish feet drooling. Could never wear a pair of Jimmy Choo's now, but darn, those heels were FINE! We did leave with several bars of Harrod's dark chocolate as gifts for friends and coworkers. Tasty!!

We then took the tube over to Oxford street and went to Selfridges. A grand old department store that looks like a huge government building from the outside. Fun to wander around there.

It was getting to be late afternoon and we went on back to the flat to start to pack. The girly was going to come over and get us so we could go out for dinner and drinks.

We picked a Thai place on Charolotte street, trendy, hip, young. Good food! After dinner we walked back towards her flat and wound up in another restaurant and sat in the bar and had some after dinner drinks and talked for hours.

It would be an early day on Saturday for us and her. UGH. Vacation was coming to an end.

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