Wednesday, April 1, 2015

day 7

Day seven in London arrived and we had plans to have all three meals with our daughter. We met her at her flat and walked towards her office. Breakfast stop was at Pret a Manger. These little coffee/tea/food places are all over London. Think of a Starbucks with good meals. We then walked on to her office, said goodbye, and headed to Covent Garden. We strolled around there, bought a few things, and then walked to meet my pen pal's sister for a late morning cup of tea. We had a great visit with her and spent and hour chatting away. She had to go back to work though, so we went on to meet our girl for lunch as Shakespeare's Head pub. Fun!

After lunch we went to the British Museum and spent the afternoon wandering around in there. We saw the Rosetta Stone and a lot of other artifacts. The place was crawling with students on field trips, so it was a very loud and busy afternoon.

When we left the museum we wondered home by a different route and enjoyed walking along some very historic streets. The buildings where famous people lived are all marked with round, blue, engraved markers telling all the details. Pretty neat! Bloomsbury is loaded with such places, so the walk was educational as well.

Once we arrived back at the flat, our girl let us know that our lunch plan to secure tickets to see Wicked was successful and she showed up with those in hand and we made our way to dinner and the show.

While I am not a fan of musicals, at all, this was entertaining and fun. We fell into bed and realized that the next day would be the final one in the city I love.

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