Thursday, February 26, 2015

two snowy mornings

We woke to a winter wonderland today. It started snowing yesterday about 3:00 PM and went on into the evening hours. The roads aren't covered, but look to be slick in spots as the temps did fall to below freezing over night.

No school, yet again, for the boy. Day 6 this year.

Another snowy morning, 21 years ago, I woke after a very restless night. With little sleep, lots of nerves, and a good measure of excitement, I checked my hospital bag and began to wait until the contractions were just right before I had hubby drive me to the hospital. We were about to have a baby. Our first!

Rather cool, at least to me, that on this birthday the weather is snowy and cold like it was back then.

Will have to see if her campus received any snow. They were supposed to, but the weather model for this storm was a weird one.

So, happy birthday to my first darling daughter!

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