Tuesday, February 17, 2015

icy part two

Yesterday our office was closed for the federal holiday, so the nasty weather didn't impact me. Only fallout I had was my trip to the grocery store for a big shop was postponed. I did get the house cleaned.

Today is another matter. The director decided to open from 11-3 or you can take a day of PTO and not come in at all.

Lovely. I will be going in. Slowly, carefully, and hoping that the main roads look much better than our driveway. Hubby was out in it all day yesterday and he said the main roads weren't bad. Of course at 19 outside, the melting that happened has now refrozen. On a good note, he came and got the boy and took him parking lot driving in the icy mess. Great experience.

Should be okay, but I wish she would have just closed the darn office.

Oh well!! The boy is out of school again. So, he can lounge and hang out. I want to try and get to the store after work and get some things for the week. I would guess the bread aisle is empty and may still be that way if deliveries couldn't make it in.

Life in the South in the winter. Yep. Here it is, folks!!

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