Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The boy's speech team hosts its speech tournament on Valentine's Day. So, what will hubby and I be doing that day? I'll be judging and he will be tabulating. Yep. We had our third organizational meeting last night and about 35 parents came. Great turnout. Lots of hands on deck, as they say. Should be good!

We've worked hard to partner with local restaurants, stores, etc to obtain donations. This is a fundraiser for us, but it is also a huge learning experience as we've never done this before. The tournament was canceled last year due to bad weather.

In other news, what about Harper Lee's new book? Or is it an old book? The original book? Not sure what to call it, but however we categorize it, the novel is coming out in July. Will probably be the hottest thing this summer!

Prediction, a new host of kids named "Scout."

Off we go...we're walking today!

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