Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I've seen two robins hanging out around my birdfeeder since the winter weather arrived. With the snow that fell last night, the boy is out of school for the third day. They had called it off last night due to icy spots on sidewalks and parking lots.

I'm not sure how we ever completed a school year up north. LOL

So, I'm off for the office today from 10-4 unless she changes it now that we've had snow fall on top of the icy spots. When the director got there yesterday, she came to my cubicle to check on me and quipped that she was sure all the Northerners would be in the office. Well, yes, I didn't want to take a day of PTO! It wasn't bad. I had a meeting with her about my crazy committee, got a lot of email handled, finished up a lingering project, and chatted with my coworkers a bit.

Today will be interesting. Not sure if we will have more or less folks show up. Some of them have so much vacation time accrued that they could take the rest of the week off with no problem.

Okay, off I go! Time to read the paper.

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