Monday, February 16, 2015


Ice, ice, baby. If we do see snow it is going to arrive on the heels of the ice we are now experiencing. It is hitting the house, windows, and making the chittering sound that will strike fear into everyone. The run on bread and milk happened yesterday. No, I didn't go. Pics on Facebook and Instagram of the lines at the store convinced me to bypass getting my weekly groceries until later this week.

School was canceled last night. So, the boy is sleeping away. Hubby is still snoozing too. I do need to go and stir him so he can read the police advisories. I guess they have shut down the bypass as the bridges are frozen over and accidents have already happened.

In other news, we had a wonderful 90 minute chat with the Londoner yesterday. Heard all about her trip to Munich, Krakow, Prague, and Budapest. She heads off to Spain in two weeks, but before then she has another class to take.

Hard to believe we will be seeing her in less than a month. WOW.

Okay, I need more coffee and a plan for the day.

Happy Monday!

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