Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Yeah, Wednesday. No midweek meltdown as of yet. It is cold outside, but a bit warmer than the last several days. We are walking!! I really need that exercise to get my mind going, my blood moving, and my attitude adjusted. It just helps and I've missed it.

Hubby and I are supposed to go and look at new flooring today. Should be interesting. Carpet, tile, wood. Who knows what we will find!

In other news, our upcoming tournament is turning out to be quite small. In some ways, I'm okay with that. In other ways, rather irritating due to the fact our traditional tournament date left with the old coach. At his new school that date saw huge numbers of schools/students. Oh well. It is an opportunity to learn on a small scale and be ready for next year.

Off we go on our morning stroll. Time to bundle up. It's over 30, but not by much!

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