Monday, August 18, 2014


The weekend was filled with scenes.

We watched "Guardians of the Galaxy"! Fun stuff. We also watched "Saving Mr. Banks." No space-intergalatic action there, but still a nice movie. We went out to dinner (Carraba's) and we ordered in (Pizza Cafe). We went to church, we went to Target.  We watched the second episode of Outlander (I like this show, the slower pace is refreshing.) We watched the next the last episode of True Blood (ready for this one to end). I made a big Sunday breakfast complete with oven baked French Toast. I began to deep clean the house.

And we helped the oldest pack her things to move back to school. After she left on Sunday, the house seemed so much bigger. More empty. And cleaner! lol

She arrived back in T-town in good shape and sent us a video of her room, all put together and ready for the new semester.

The other daughter has been on radio silence as sorority recruitment is in full swing.

I miss them. A lot. We will adjust to our new normal and things will move along, but for right now, this Mommy is a bit sad this morning.

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