Wednesday, August 20, 2014


We have a slice of moon shining this morning and start all around. Usually when it is this clear, the air does not feel like pea soup. Ugh. Hot, humid, sticky, nasty, messy weather has settled in for the week. We have been quite fortunate that our summer has been as cool and comfortable as it has been. My electric bill has been reasonable this summer. That will come to a crashing halt with the next envelope from the utility company!

Oh well. This too shall pass.

In other news, I purchased and read a former critique partner's debut novel. Now, I met the protagonist of this romance story about 9 years ago. The author and I were in our local RWA chapter and were in the same crit group until the military moved her hubby to another base. She is a hoot and I'm so happy for her. She has had quite the journey. She is now a mama to two little ones, an officer's wife, and is still writing! I am going to do a review and get it posted online soon. Her book is called, "The Girl He Knows" and is available from Lyrical Press, a Kensington imprint. Way to go, Kristi Rose! So glad that Paisley and Hank are now available on bookstore shelves everywhere.

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