Monday, August 25, 2014

ready, set, watch

In order for a book to arrive in time for the boy to take it to school today (Richard Wright's, Native Son) I had to either pay for expedited shipping or give Amazon Prime a free 30 day trial. I hate those 30 day trial things as I often forget to cancel and wind up paying for a full year's service. Ugh.

The book was delivered as promised on Saturday, and I saved $13 in the process. Plus, we watched three movies through the instant video aspect of Prime. This weekend we enjoyed the latest Star Trek with Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan, we watched The Avengers (he missed it when we went to see it in the theater), and we watched Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher. Star Trek was awesome, The Avengers was great, even the second time around, and Jack Reacher was okay. Tom Cruise is not Jack Reacher. But, Robert Duvall steals the movie in the final quarter of the show.

I'm not sure if we will keep Prime after our 30 days is up or cancel it, but considering this weekend was so hot that they told folks to stay inside, it gave us something to do after all of our chores/housework were done.

I also finished and started another Chicagoland Vampire novel. I cleaned closets and cabinets. I did laundry and cooked. Busy weekend....and we have next weekend planned! Three day weekend dead ahead.

But first, a busy week. Enjoy. Happy Monday.

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