Thursday, August 21, 2014

good things

It has taken a couple of weeks, but the new normal is becoming, well, normal. At home and at work, the oddness is wearing off and we are starting to find our way. That is a good thing.

I received three text messages and an email from our library letting me know that books 2-4 of the Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampire series had been delivered and were ready for pick up. Yeah! So, after work I went to the library and checked them out and popped in the back to talk with the director. It seems that my phone call along with some pointed questions and comments from others may actually get the ball rolling in regards to how the library is managed/run. That is a good thing.

The hubby was able to come home early from Arkansas. That is always a good thing.

So, Thursday is here and the week is winding down and, yes, that is a good thing too. Enjoy the good things in your day!

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