Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This morning's walk will almost transport us to the English moors. It is that foggy outside. Thick. Pea soup. Kind of cool.

In other wowsa news, the boy learned yesterday that his braces can now be removed! Let the celebration begin! Apples. Popcorn. Carrots. All manner of crunchy, hard to bite into stuff, is now on the menu.

The gift bag we ordered from the KKG alumni at the middle kid's school did a wonderful job and delivered a very cute 'finals week' treat gift to her.

Our new municipal school board was sworn in last night and in their first official meeting they accepted the deal that will secure our schools from the county.

And that is all the wowsa news I have so far, but the day is young.

Oh, still no Christmas decor up in our house. Just didn't happen last night after I got home from the orthodontist. I have high hopes for today!

If I can get anything done before we head to the town square for the tree lighting! Now, that is a wowsa moment of huge proportions. Love. It.

Happy Tuesday!

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Lisa Shafer said...

We rarely get fog; we get temperature inversions that sock the valley in with gicky smog, sometimes for weeks on end in winter. (Then everyone escapes up the canyons to the ski resorts for cleaner air.)

Congrats on braces removal. :)