Tuesday, December 10, 2013

running errands

I really don't like running errands in the afternoon, but I've grown accustomed to doing so. I was always the early in the morning type person when it came to going to Costco, Target etc.  This time of year, being early or late doesn't make one bit of difference it seems. The stores are packed.

But, we are almost done with our holiday shopping. This pleases me to no end. We have a few things to pick up for the boy and we are finished! Yeah! I have some wrapping to do, but I love doing that. The oldest is getting a ring and we are going to put it in the largest box we can find. That will be fun.

I need to swing by Costco and pick up our holiday cards as well as coffee and dog food. You know, the necessities of life!  I have made my baking list and have to procure the ingredients. I found a new cookie recipe I'm going to try: White chocolate, cranberry, macadamia cookies. Mom, if they turn out well, I will send you the recipe.

Okay, off to read the newspaper. The local muni school situation is heating up as the town next to us just found out that their three namesake schools will be retained by the county and not 'given' to the new muni district. Interesting times.

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