Thursday, August 30, 2012

the cold from hell, day two

Ugh. Blerg. Sniffle. Hack. Ugh.

Although I did manage to sleep last night, I am feeling pretty nasty this morning. I hope a hot shower can work some miracles as I have quite a bit to do today at work and need to get those things done.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the back to school cold

It never fails. Within three weeks of the kids going back to school, we all end up with colds. The daughter brought this lovely virus home and it then hit the boy and now I have it. Lovely.

Didn't sleep well last night and I feel pretty rough this morning. Ugh.

As long as I'm over the worst of it by the weekend, I will be happy. I don't want to spend my Labor Day holiday on the couch with a big box of tissues next to me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

soccer season

So far so good. The ladies won again last night and our soccer girl scored her second goal of the season, a header this time. Making it even more 'fun' is she is scoring coming off the bench. She, for the first time in a very, very, long time isn't in the starting lineup.

To make matters more interesting, the starting goalie is 'uncertain' for the weekend after a nasty collision in the second half. So, our daughter will be doing some goalie work at practice the next two days as the team prepares for a trip to the eastern section of our state.

Never a dull moment!

Monday, August 27, 2012

smile, it's Monday

Monday. Already.

Where did the weekend go? Well, Saturday was spent doing laundry, cleaning the house, stocking the pantry and then stocking it some more. Sunday was spent at church almost all day as the youngest is confirmed this year and we had a special Mass for all the 8th graders and their families followed by a picnic and the information packet handout/lectures. As he is our third to be confirmed, we sort of know the drill. Didn't see anything in the packet that has changed one iota from when the oldest did this 5 years ago.

Off to work I go. Tonight the soccer team faces the suburban Catholic high school. I usually looked forward to this match as we would get to see some players and families we knew from club soccer season. However, all those kids are now at college!  This match will be a real test of how they are doing. The first two were easy wins, this one won't be.

Okay, Monday, here we go into the week!  Looks like it could be a rainy one for us - Isaac is making his way toward the Gulf Shore and we will see 'weather' from when this storm hits land.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It is Thursday all day long

Oh my, how I wish today was my Friday! It has been a very busy, hectic, crazy week and I am so ready for the weekend.

Soccer match tonight for the middle kid. Love it! The senior banners have been hung up at the field and they look awesome.

I have social media stuff to do all day at work, plus more abstract/platform editing to do. Then there is the after work-work on this political campaign. More social media stuff to accomplish there. I really want to get my part done before Saturday, I'd like a weekend to do my more mundane jobs like clean the house and stock the pantry.

Talked to the oldest yesterday afternoon. She loved her first day of classes. I believe she attended three of them: Honors Calculus, Chemistry and an Intro to Engineering session. Today will hold more of the same for her as the Calc and Chem classes meet almost daily and she attends a different Intro to Eng class. She is also enjoying being able to eat at her sorority house instead of the dining hall. She said a roasted turkey, a baked potato, salad and fresh fruit never tasted so good. No fried, greasy food choices to be found.

So exited I had a chance to pop in the library and grab a book to read. I found the latest Ursula Blanchard mystery. Ursula is a 'wrong side of the bed sister' to Queen Elizabeth and has also served as one of Cecil's spies. Good stuff.

It is Thursday all day long. Make it a good one!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

first game of the season

The middle daughter scored a goal last night! Of course, her Daddy and I weren't on hand to see it. Ugh. The oldest had called home and we had a multitude of things to discuss. We arrived seven minutes into the first half and our team was already up 2-0. They went on to win 7-0.

It was so much fun to be back in the stands with our soccer parent buddies watching the girls play. A lot of the students came and watched - a very male dominated cheering section. Even the principal remarked how well supported the team is, to which the female assistant principal said that it doesn't hurt that the girls are super cute. The asst. principal has taken the team and the program under her wing and really looks out for the players.

All in all a very good night!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

the daily grind

Life has been a bit of a grind, especially as work of late. We are trying hard to finish the abstracts and get those off our plate. We also have a newsletter to layout, edit and send off. We have the next journal to finish up.  Lots of bits and pieces and lots of 'grind.'

I saw the following on facebook this morning and thought I must just have to print it off and hang it on my cubicle wall so I can see it.

“You must write every single day of your life... You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world.”―Ray Bradbury

I guess I could wear our scientific journals on my head like a hat. In our department, that might draw a chuckle, or two.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

sorority girl

So the oldest is now a sorority girl. She received her bid on Saturday morning and is now on a retreat with her new pledge sisters and other members of the ADPi house at her university.  She is thrilled, excited and very happy that she went on the adventure that is rush.

I'm happy because this sorority has the highest GPA on the university campus and hope that the advice and encouragement of her sisters keep her on task!

And as it is Monday, I'm still rather groggy and not quite capable of putting together more of a blog post. So, farewell for today......enjoy Monday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

quick updates

Well, it has been a crazy, emotional rollercoaster of a ride the last ten days. Oy vey!  We got the oldest to the university and she is doing super-d-duper so far. She is loving sorority rush and has made several new friends. Funny thing about the girls she found to hang out with; they are all from up north, or were born up north and moved south due to job relocation like she did. Does my heart good to know she found some Yankee sisters. She heads into the final round of rush on Friday, we hope. She had 6 houses to visit for Skit Days and will have to select her top three houses at this next 'cut.' Then she will get her invites back for Preference Night. Ugh. Hoping she lands in one of her favorites - she has four houses she really likes.

We made it to Missouri and back for my grandmother's funeral. Saw a lot of family I hadn't seen in almost a decade. The weather was perfect and the service was really nice. The flowers my mom ordered were gorgeous. My grandmother would have loved them. My mom delivered a beautiful eulogy and I was able to stumble through mine. Didn't quite have the 'ugly' cry going, but I didn't hold it together very well. Oh well, I said what I wanted to say and I feel good about it.

Now I have to return to work for the next two days. I kind of feel like a zombie. I'm mentally tired. Lots of chapters closing in my life with the oldest daughter off on her own and my grandmother passing away.

But we are moving forward! On a funny note, the soccer fanatics that we are, the girls follow several of the US Women's National Team and of course they cheered them on during the Olympics. On Twitter, Megan Rapinoe has a follower called the Rapignome. It is a little gnome who randomly shows up in photos with Megan and tweets about his adventures on the pitch.  The girls love this and hats off to whoever thought up this bit of brilliance.

Yesterday while the hubby and I were out running errands, we swung by Lowe's and picked up a gnome for the middle daughter and the senior girls to enjoy.  His name is Rondo the Dragongnome. Rondo is the name they use for a set play on a corner kick and has evolved into a word that describes just about anything they do on the field now! Rondo the gnome magically appeared in the middle daughter's soccer bag. When she left for practice last night she found him and a note explaining how the Rapignome sent his friend Rondo to the team.  She was laughing so hard she could hardly breathe. I may post a picture of Rondo. He is quite dapper.

Okay, off into the day I go. The weekend is approaching, thank goodness!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my grandmother

My grandmother died yesterday morning. Her funeral will be next Tuesday. If I can, this is what I'm going to try and read in her memory.

In many ways it doesn’t seem all that long ago that we gathered here to say goodbye to Grandpa Gibbs. 

Back then my children were all in elementary school. But time has passed. Just last week Scott and I drove our oldest daughter to the University of Alabama to begin college. Yes, time has passed.

We are now gathered here to say goodbye to Grandma Gibbs. I debated about trying to write an essay about her. It was difficult for me to share my memories of Grandpa and I just wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get through reading whatever I was able to write down.

But, my need to talk about her and remember her outweighed my reservations. You see, just this past Saturday I was in the kitchen making Julia her ‘send off’ meal. She had asked for chicken and dumplings, cornbread, green beans, squash and chocolate cake. When I started getting out the eggs, shortening and flour to make the dumplings, I called Julia and Abbey into the kitchen so they could watch and learn. They love to eat chicken and dumplings, but making them, well, that is another matter.

Abbey’s comment was, “It would be a lot easier if you had these measurements written down.”  I laughed. Yep, it sure would, but that isn’t how I learned. I had to watch Grandma and my Mom make them and learn to ‘eye ball’ the measurements.

Needless to say, this last batch of chicken and dumplings was pretty tasty. Not quite as good as Grandma’s, but maybe with some more years of practice, I might come close!

I have many memories about Grandma that involve food. It was one way she showed her love. Pecan pie, thumbprint cookies, German chocolate cake, fried chicken. All made by her for us to enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment, I don’t think I will ever see a Beanie Baby and not think of her. I asked her once why she started collecting them and she said that growing up she didn’t have a lot of toys, so she was going to buy and enjoy them now. And boy did she ever! Beanie babies were everywhere!!

She liked to do crafts and enjoyed crocheting. I still have the afgan she made for me when I got my first apartment. She also liked to garden and took such pride in her plants. Remember when she was going to learn to play the organ? Remember how she always had a pack of gum in her purse?

We all have different memories and in the end that is what life is about. Good ones will carry us through the hard times. And as the years pass, and they will do just that, we can look back and smile and remember.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

frying pan, fire and my inability to say no

Guess I am making up for lost time.

Last night I got a call from one of the men in town who has decided to run for alderman. He had been by the house the night before to get our signatures on his petition to run. He is jumping into the race about 30 days late, but has made up for his delayed entry with a lot of energy.

He was calling me to ask me to serve on his committee. Yep. Guess my name had been bandied about a bit by him, my husband and several other members on his committee.

Why am I doing this? Am I a glutton for punishment as the saying goes? Do I like fires more than frying pans? Well, no, not exactly.

I've always wanted to work on a political campaign. Sort of a bucket list thing. I'm interested in politics. I care deeply about our town and am concerned about the way the town board has voted on some recent issues. If we are allowed to continue the path towards a municipal school district, we need some common sense, business sense and devotion to the project. We need a power shift on multiple levels and I think this man can deliver that.

So, I'm in. His first meeting is tonight. Plus, I figure, being busy over the next few months might be a very good thing.

Monday, August 6, 2012

the church ladies

We sit in the same pew each Sunday and, in general, the same people sit around us. We have the two widow ladies who sit behind us, and the older couple who sit to the right of us, a retired couple in front of us, and a family from the neighborhood in front of them. There are assorted other people who are sometimes mixed in, like the Hispanic lady who wears really strong perfume and the lone guy who is a brother-in-law to my oldest daughter's best friend.

They all know the oldest is heading off to college. They've all asked questions along the way about where she is going and such. One of the widow ladies is a HUGE fan of the university she is attending and is pleased as punch that is where she will be going to school. The older couple have a daughter who played soccer, was a goalie, and went to the same high school as my girls. The neighborhood couple's oldest son is heading off to his second year of college next week and she has been a wonderful sounding board for all things 'college.'

Yesterday at church during  the Sign of Peace one of the ladies asked "When does she leave for school."  I managed to say "Wednesday." Yep, I was having a moment as I realized that next Sunday I wouldn't be standing next to my baby girl in the pew, holding her hand as we said the Lord's Prayer or giving her a hug and kiss at the Sign of Peace. Well, of course, they all heard. Lots of knowing smiles.

After Mass, the oldest was hugged and advised by all of the church ladies who have sat around us for years. This wasn't an unexpected event. It wasn't a remarkable event. But, it was wonderful.

The daughter was beaming. I still had tears in my eyes. I have them now!  But, as we finish packing and getting those last minute things she needs, I know that she will be okay.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

mommy woes

We've had such a whirlwind of a summer with trying to get the oldest ready for college. We are now one week away from her move in date. The dining room is piled with boxes, containers, bags etc. The packing of her clothes will begin over the weekend.

The middle kid is trying to finish up her summer work. When I arrived home yesterday, she and two of her buddies were watching the movie version of "All the King's Men." I know she has read half the book, but it seems that the other two were a bit behind on that task. Their paper is due Monday.

The youngest will get to tour his new school on Saturday afternoon. We should be getting the email with his homeroom teacher's name tomorrow.

Lots of emotions going through the house right now and we are all feeling it. The oldest told me yesterday that she is afraid she will lose touch with her sister. They are very different girls, but they've always been buddies. The middle kid is nervous about her college applications and trying to decide where to attend school and what to study once she gets there.

The youngest, well, we just need to keep him out of trouble and make sure he is doing his homework and turning it in!!

The kids are keeping my thoughts jumping around, my emotions right at the surface, and my eyes blurry with tears.

I'm excited, happy, scared, anxious, worried etc.  As my dear, dear friend Cindy told me, "You pray a lot and hope for the best. You pray that you gave them the tools they need to navigate their path in life and hope they have the good sense to use them!"

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Getting the word out

It has always been a challenge to get the word out about the cool programs and resources at the library. When I was on staff we launched newspaper columns to promote activities and new 'things.'  They let the column fade away after I left, but it has now been resurrected due to the efforts of the awesome adult reference librarian they hired a year ago.

They promote in house as much as possible, but most people don't read signs let alone flyers. It is a challenge.

The board did a bit of brainstorming last night on how to get the word out about all the new digital resources the library has to offer. Beyond ebooks, they have audio books available for download, movies you can stream, children's books you can download, magazines etc. The director has done a great job of compiling some amazing resources for a facility of our size with the shoe string budget she is given.

We did have some ideas for her including target emails to teachers, utilizing the electronic newsletters that go out into the community from the Friends and even the Farmer's Market.

It was a good meeting, but a long one. And, I was voted in as secretary. Honorary position as I don't have to do much beyond read the meeting transcript and make sure it is complete. My kind of job. Ha Ha.