Thursday, December 20, 2012

the countdown

I forgot to put the elf gifts in the stockings this morning! I overslept and was totally out of my routine. Ugh! Well, I guess they will all get double prezzies tomorrow morning.  I'm guessing they won't complain too much.

The number of folks at work is decreasing daily. We are on a skeleton crew now, and tomorrow will be even more quiet around here.

I finished the Deanna Raybourn Christmas novella last night and started to read the second book in the Ally Condie trilogy.  I didn't get very far. The oldest came in to chat and then after she left I dozed off.

I think we are in pretty good shape for leaving Saturday morning. Duke is going to see his Aunt Angela next door on Friday and I told the kids to sleep in what they wanted to travel in! Laundry is pretty well caught up for 3 of us and the girls are on their own. Presents are wrapped and in bags.

Christmas is coming!!

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