Thursday, October 7, 2010

preview sale

The Fall book sale is well underway. We unpacked and organized a TON of books yesterday. I worked on hardback fiction along with four other devoted Friends and we were able to get the books out and on the tables in a loose alpha order in just under 5 hours.  Today we will finish fine tuning the tables and group titles/authors together.  We've already filled the floors under the tables with those books that seem to multiply in the dark storage areas. We have yards of Grisham, Steele, Clancy, Higgins Clark, Francis etc.  We had over 20 copies of The Da Vinci Code this time. Good Grief!!

But we also get books that are from authors who might not be so well known. Mid list authors, debut authors, foreign authors.  Our Town reads...a lot.

Tonight is the Preview Sale. We allow members to shop from 5-7 and we are trying a new approach this evening and allowing non members to buy a shopping pass for $5 instead of joining the group for $10. Believe it or not, some folks join just to shop early. This way, we don't 'waste' time adding them to the membership rolls and mailing them info etc. Just let them come and get their books and leave happy!  I hope it is a win-win and we may even see our sale numbers go up as a result once we work out the kinks and publicize the idea.

Regular sale hours begin tomorrow from 10-6.  We usually gross around $6,000 on this sale and I hope that we do at least that if not a bit better. The weather is going to be great and folks are looking for bargains in this economy. 

We have great books at incredible prices! What more could a reader want?

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