Friday, October 15, 2010

fall break

When school began in August, it seemed like fall break was years away. With the last bell today, the week long vacation arrives. The oldest and youngest are headed up north with hubby. A college visit is in store as well as family visiting. The middle kid is staying put with me and the mutt. She contracted a 'fungus' and is in the midst of treatment....and may have to go back to the doctor on Monday if Dr. Mom doesn't think it is looking better by then. Ugh.

But, we are determined to make the best of it and will enjoy some time for just the two of us.


haydenblair said...

hope ya'll have some nice bonding should cook something with mushrooms to keep up the fungus theme!

Liz said...

Hayden, if she'd eat mushrooms...that would be perfect. Instead we've gone shopping, out for lunch, to a movie (Easy A, funny) and watched lots of back episodes of some current TV shows we've missed plus we are now addicted to Veronica Mars thanks to Netflix:)