Wednesday, October 6, 2010

paranormal jackpot

I hit the paranormal jackpot with the books I found at the library last week.  First up was a collection of stories edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni LP Kelner. It never fails that when I read one of the books these two gals has edited, I find new authors to make note of and read in the future.  "Death's Excellent Vacation" was no exception. These shorts stories all revolve around the concept of a vacation and take off in amazing directions from there. Lots of good writing, lots of new names to look for on the shelves. The collection contains a new Sookie story as well as a great take on gargoyles from Lilith Saintcrow.

The other two books in my jackpot are both YA novels. The first, "The Eternal Ones" tackles reincarnation with such a great set of characters I hope a sequel is in the works.  I've not read Kirsten Miller's books before even though I purchased her Kiki Strike books for the YA collection when I was on staff.  The story revolved around Haven Moore and her realization that her childhood dreams of a girl named Constance and a boy named Ethan are actually past life memories.  The story moves from the hills of east Tennessee to New York City and even across the pond to Europe.  YA readers will love this one. Star crossed lovers, evil villains, small town prejudices. It has it all, but in a good, good, way.

The next novel, "Shiver" from Maggie Stiefvater is the first in a series about werewolves in Minnesota. Yeah for setting books in places other than NYC or LA.  Grace has been intrigued by a golden eyed wolf since she was 11 and attacked while on her swing set.  Sam is the werewolf who stopped the attack and has watched her ever since.  Talk about romance...this book has it and some to spare.  Stiefvater writes with a wonderful lyricism.  The second book is "Linger" and I will be looking for it today.

Three up and three down....and all good.  Just like winning the jackpot.

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