Monday, October 4, 2010

mums and more

Hubby and I planted four gorgeous yellow mums and spread two bags of mulch in the planter in front of his new office building.  The firm is relocating to our Town this week and he has spent the last three weeks fixing things in the new space in anticipation of the move.  We worked a bit outside and made a huge difference. It looks very nice.  I'd like to get a flat of pansies and put them in the two planters on our front porch. I need that splash of color.  I did buy a huge tub of bird seed and am waiting for the birds to find out the feeder is full and open for business. I expect some feathered guests this morning.

With the girls' soccer trip to the center of our state called off, they ended up working most of Saturday. That unexpected pay check will be nice for them and the weather on Saturday was perfect for refereeing soccer games.

In fact the weather on Sunday was perfect for winning a soccer game, which is what they did! A bit of revenge for some of the girls as they got a 2-1 victory over a team that they tied 1-1 in the very first game of the season.  Up this week, two incredibly tough games versus our major rival. Then the season, for them, is over.  Club conditioning will start about a month later. I'm sure they will enjoy the break.

Lots of cooking going on now that the weather has cooled down. Made a homemade mac-n-cheese on Saturday with the boy. Pretty good stuff. Had that with some steak on the grill, some asparagus and a salad. Happy tummies all around.

Up this week is the big fall book sale for the Friends.  It is going to be fun to see what treasures we unpack and what folks buy.  The sale is truly a community event with so many merchants helping us to help the library. We see faithful customers who shop every sale. It is like a biannual reunion of sorts and books are the catalyst.  I will be missing Anne this week.  She loved to work the sales and manned the check out counter on Thursday nights. I spoke with her husband yesterday and expressed how much she enjoyed that part of the sale. He agreed. He said he has taken to sitting in her old reading chair and using her favorite lamp and memories of her enjoying a good book in that spot comfort him.

So, this week is all about books and soccer with a dash of 'living' thrown in for good measure.

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